Cicada : the Gin that has captured the scents and magic of Provence

Cicada was created with a clear and well-defined objective: to capture in a bottle all the magic of Provence by bringing together the best of the typical scents of the garrigue.

The selection of the botanicals that make up its recipe, of which juniper must of course remain the dominant element, gives it its harmonious aromatic profile and Provencal character. The result is an authentic southern gin that can be enjoyed neat on the rocks or layered as well as in a cocktail.

Cicada: an authentic Dry Gin de Provence without compromise

Cicada is an artisanal Dry Gin of mellow character produced on the shores of the Mediterranean in Toulon. It is an uncompromising gin whose character is the result of several key choices:

• An authentic gin that is in keeping with the true tradition while having its own personality marked by the Provencal spirit. Its complexity and balance are the result of its specific recipe which allows the juniper in particular to be the dominant element as it must be the case for any true gin.

• A choice of botanicals and a recipe developed after many trials to produce a gin that captures the aromas and scents typical of Provence.

• Made exclusively with real plants.

• A “Distilled Dry Gin”, which means that its aromatic profile comes exclusively from the botanicals in its recipe.

• Bottled at 44.7%, without cold filtration to preserve all its aromatic components.

• A gin that does not contain any sugar, its natural sweetness and balance making its sweetening neither necessary nor desirable.

Cicada : the origin of the Gin and of the distillery

Cicada Gin and the Distillerie de Toulon were created by Martine and Jean Donnay who founded Celtic Whisky Compagnie in 1997 in Brittany, then built the Distillerie Glann ar Mor which produces Kornog and Glann ar Mor whiskies as well as Saint Maudez gin.

Being both great gin lovers, their objective was very clearly defined at the beginning: not to try to reinvent gin but on the contrary to remain in the best of the traditional register by producing a gin whose aromatic profile is perfectly adapted to the making of cocktails such as Gin Tonic or Negroni.

Cicada : an artisanal distillery to discover in the heart of Toulon

Cicada Gin is distilled in the old town of Toulon, a stone’s throw from the port, about a hundred metres from the landing stage of the “Mistral” maritime shuttles.

Details with timetables and a map for easy access to discover the distillery and its still can be found on the Find Cicada page.